Patient Testimonials

“It was easier than having a filling!”
~Cheryl R.

“Needless to say, I was rather apprehensive when the root canal was suggested by my dentist, but the doctor and his assistants at Charleston Endodontics made the whole procedure painless.  They made me quite relaxed.  I would certainly return, if needed, and will definitely let others know of their great service.”
~Gabe S.

“Thank you so much for the very pleasant visit to your office.  Everyone was very helpful and I had no problems following the root canal procedure.  I expressed my personal comments to my dentist of the very good job done by you and your staff.”
~Randy M.

“I was a nervous wreck before my first-ever root canal procedure.  I didn’t know what to expect after hearing both good and bad stories from my friends.  The assistants and doctor at Charleston Endodontics made everything go so smoothly, and painlessly!  I am amazed at how simple it was.”
~Patty D.

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